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April 2012 Mission
Southwest Fisheries Science Center,
NOAA Fisheries Service


Dear Virtual Team Members,

Welcome to the mission! Below are helpful links to help you discover more about gray whales.


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Ten Things You should Know about Gray Whales (pdf)

Fishin' for Facts: Whales

Fishin' for Facts: Elephant Seals

Fishin' for Facts: California Sea Lions

Fishin' for Facts: Harbor Seals



Gray Whales Journal (pdf)

Chalk it up to Gray Whales stats (pdf)

Gray Whales on the Grid (pdf)

Gray Whale Fortune Teller (pdf)



Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries Service


Links on the history of whaling information:

Below are links to articles that may help you introduce and discuss whaling as part of our history. Today, we've replaced the need for whale-based products. We also understand the tragic impact of over hunting any species. However, whaling was an important part of our history. It provided income and essential products for the people of the time.  



In Search of the Lost Whaling Fleets, NOAA:


New Bedford Whaling Museum

This website provides a wealth of information to discuss the history of whaling in the United States, why it was an economically important industry at one time and more.

  • Overview of North American Whaling  Find links to several excellent pages that might be helpful if you are introducing the historical aspects of whaling in your class.  

  • Interactive web activity: This interactive activity takes kids to a 19th century whaling town, then follows a whaling ship around the world. Music and sound affects (no narration) with written text explaining details. Lots of things to click on.  From the US Park Service

  • Selected Bibliography for Teachers and Students. Using Whaling as a Curriculum Resource A Selected Bibliography for Teachers


Nantucket Historical Association: Whaling Museum

The Nantucket Historical Association is another great source to learn more about the history of whaling in the United States. 

  • Candle Making A History of the Whaling Museum, By Patty Jo Rice. Nantucket Historical Association

  • Fall 2009 (Vol 59, No. 3) Whaling (Has article on candle making using whale oil. Also, see page 9 for "Why Whale Oils?"

  • Azubah Cash's Whaling Days, By Amy Jenness. Nantucket Historical Association, NHA MS 220, Log 218.

    Interesting journal notes from a Captains’ wife aboard a whaling ship. NOTE: It mentions killing and eating dolphins and hunting whales, so it may be distressing to younger students. Please review it before sharing with students.

California Whaling

Moss Landing (

A History of California Shore Whaling. Fish Bulletin No. 6. State of California Fish and Game. January 1, 1923 (

 NOTES: Missions and dates are subject to change. Weather sometimes causes changes, delays, or cancellations of cruises. Detailed information is provided after enrollment.

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