the celebration of the beauty of ugly!


October 15, 2014 (But it's never to early or late to celebrate!)

This ugly-beauty is a Hagfish!

Forget sugarplums and heart-shaped candies, now there’s a real holiday for real kids – Hagfish Day.

Celebrate the anniversary of the 5th Hagfish Day Celebration with us!!! Five years of exotic, unusual...okay ugly ocean animals.

WhaleTimes created Hagfish Day (in 2009) to ‘celebrate the beauty of ugly.’ Hagfish are the perfect example. These deep-sea scavengers ooze slime — buckets of slime.  They also play an important role in their ecosystem.


WhaleTimes believes repugnant and slightly revolting animals like hagfish make great role models for highlighting conservation concerns for all marine animals. “Sometimes it seems as if ecological causes are popularity contests that exclude the less attractive and less well-known, though equally vulnerable, creatures,” said WhaleTimes Director Ruth Musgrave. “There are species in peril that kids never hear about.”


This year’s Hagfish Day stars are a combination of unusual, endangered, and beauty challenged.  How do you celebrate? Classrooms, individuals and families can participate by making hagfish slime, writing a Haiku, vote for your favorite Ugly Beauty, send a Happy Hagfish bouquet to a friend, or simply learning more about the Hagfish Day stars and the scientists who study them.  It’s sure to be a good slime!


Hagfish Day is always on the 3rd Wednesday of October

              2014 Hagfish Day Stars: (More to come)

Greenland Shark


Photo copyright T. Frank Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved

Learn about the original

• Fishin' for Facts: Hagfish

Save the Planet-Wear Hagfish Slime?

Read our interviews with:
 Jeffrey Drazen

  •  Gene Helfman

  • (pdf version) Fishin' for Facts: Hagfish (includes G. Helfman interview)

Cool Smithsonian blog article -- inspired by Hagfish Day! Fourteen Facts about Hagfish (10/17/2012)

Deep sea Jelly

 Snort-nosed Seasnake

Back by popular demand, the roly poly of the deep, the gate keeper to Hagfish Day, the...

Giant Isopod

Photo Tamara Frank
Used with Permission All Rights Reserved

• Fishin' for Facts: Giant Isopod

Sea Pig

A special thanks to  Lonny Lundsten, Kristin Laidre, Tammy Frank, , Jeff Drazen, Gene HelfmanMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory, University of Hawaii-Monoa, and NOAA Office of Protected Resources!

                   Hagfish Day Activities 

Share the joy of Hagfish Day...Make a Hagfish Bouquet for someone special

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Make your own hagfish slime...Engrossed in Slime (aka It's Not Funny) activity

Meet our
Past Hagfish Day Stars

Photo: MBARI Used with Permission


Make a Hagfish Cootie Catcher


Hagfish Day Haiku!
(write one today!)

Hagfish Wish Poems
(write one today!)

Add your story to one of our
Neverending WhaleTales
Teachers,  Have a good slime celebrating Hagfish Day at school with these Classroom activities

Ugly Beauty Contest

Be sure your favorite Hagfish Day
star wins

Vote today!

Become instant Hagfish Day Royalty!
Make a Hagfish day crown....

Print it, cut it, tape it, wear it!


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 What is Hagfish Day?

Hagfish Day is a special day, created by WhaleTimes, is a fun, somewhat tongue-in-cheek event with an important and serious goal: To raise awareness and understanding of the uniqueness and significance of all sea creatures — even the ugly, slimy, misunderstood, or unusual. How do you celebrate the beauty of ugly?  Make slime, raise awareness of the MOST endangered whale species, vote for your favorite ugly-beauty, write a Hagfish Haiku, read about strange sharks and tiny fish that...well suck...and more.

Celebrate this holiday for a day, a week, all year...the animals will thank you for coming to the party!

                                   Jake, the SeaDog

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS Hagfish Day, October 15, 2015!

Special thanks to the great scientists and science organizations for allowing us to use their photographs and artwork in our Hagfish Day celebration. Please respect their copyrights and do NOT use their work without their permission. Thank you.

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