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Ugly Beauty Contest 2011
Hagfish Day  

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Leatherback Sea Turtle Western Gray whale Hagfish Hairy Vent Snail Atlantic Sturgeon Rattail Fish
Learn more about leatherbacks Learn more about gray whales Learn more about hagfish Learn more about hairy vent snails Learn more about Atlantic Sturgeons Learn more about rattails

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WhaleTimes celebrates the beauty of all animals -- from slimy hagfish to the glorious leatherback sea turtle to western gray whales.... We think all our Hagfish Day stars should be in the ocean Hall of Fame and they've already won, because so many of you have discovered them and care about them, too!


Who do you think should be the Ugly-Beauty 2011 winner? Vote now. And, don't forget to share your thoughts on why you voted for the leatherback sea turtles, western gray whale, hagfish, hairy vent snail, or rattail fish. 


We know how hard it is to choose between these beauties, so feel free to vote for more than one -- or more than once!


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Vote now! It's easy to vote, just click on the animal's name between the and an email will pop up with that animal in the subject line. If you have trouble with that, just email us your vote to: hagfish[at]


  Inspired by Hagfish? Vote for your favorite Ugly-Beauty or write a Hagfish Haiku....the links are below:


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