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    Earth Day is a great way to remind us to think about what we are doing to keep the oceans, forests and deserts safe. Once a year many people participate in beach clean-ups, rallies, parades or even just start their own in-home recycling program. At WhaleTimes, we feel every day is Earth Day! You can make a difference: Reuse, reduce, and recycle every day!

        We know you're all SeaStars when it comes to caring for the ocean. So, tell us what you're doing to celebrate Earth Day, not just this April 22, but every day.

                                     Happy Earth Day,   

                                            Jake, the SeaDog

            PS Don't forget to mark your calendars for Hagfish Day 

    Here's what some of our WhaleTimes SeaStars are doing for the Earth...

Students from Julesburg Elementary in CO USA: "Today our 2nd grade class sang a recycle, reuse commercial to the student body.  They are also making homemade recycled paper.  1st grade made a mural of our earth on the playground.  During announcements this month our principal read a "green" tip on how to help our planet. We also recycle cans to help pay for plants that will beautify our school.  Finally, we always try to pick up trash we see around our building and our beautiful community."

 Corinne from Julesburg CO USA: "I picked up trash at my daddy's house and in the town of Ogallala as well."

Trystan, Julesburg CO USA: "I rode my bike to school to save energy.  Also, I recycle newspapers too."

Tristan, Julesburg CO USA: "I walked to school, saved cans to recycle, and picked up trash around town "

Students from Our Lady of Peace Grade School in Ironwood MI USA: "We had a one hundred day penny drive for the first one hundred days of school.  Each child was asked to bring a penny a day for the first one hundred days. We raised $24111.98 to adopt rain forest acreage through the Nature Conservancy.  This is the fifth year that we have done a rain forest adoption project.  We have over 10 acres of adopted land.

Cana, age 14: I'm going to be planting trees at my community park in Big Flats, New York.

Mrs.Hamton's class 6A, Maxfield Elementary: For Earth Day our class planted Indian Blankets. We're going to plant them around to make the earth more peaceful. The earth has grown away from the natural habitat and we want to bring it back.

Liz, Huebner Elementary: I am going to continue to recycle my newspapers and aluminum cans. I will not throw trash on the streets or in the ocean.

Ms. Levinson and the Gifted Support & Environment Club: I have sponsored the Environment Club for 12 years at the William Loesche Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA. The club consists of 4th and 5th graders. We meet after school. The club members organize Earth Day Assemblies for each grade at our school where each class has an opportunity to participate by singing a song or reciting poetry or performing a skit. The Environment Club members have written songs and poetry as well. In addition, the club members design buttons, magnets, and key chains that they sell during Earth Week with the money raised going to purchase acres in the rainforest through the Nature Conservancy Adopt An Acre Program. We are very proud of our tradition and are well know in our local community for our efforts.

Sadr Charaffeddine, Imam Al-Sadr Foundation-Tyre-South Lebanon This year for Earth day we decorated grocery bags for our local toy and food stores .We focused on how to keep our environment clean and how to use water and save it from pollution.

From Nadar in Egypt:  Happy Earth Day to every one who is helping.this year We were doing our very best to save water, we are now using nearly half the amount of water we using the same time last year.where ever we go we try to clean were we are and try to set an example to any one looking at especially on the beach, this year I went to Senegal I helped fishermen pulling their net out of the water, as well as helping the tiny fish to survive because they just leave them to die on shore before I went back home many people including some tourist were doing the same.we have some of the best beaches and diving location as you all know (red sea) but I think it is about time that we stop building on those places as we are destroying a lot of wildlife. I would love to do any thing I can to help the earth, the sea, and the wildlife especially in my home EGYPT best wishes to you all.

From Kristin, Hollywood Elementary School, Hollywood, MD: We put on a play called "Every Day is Earth Day"  which was presented to the school during the day and the parents in the evening. The county newspaper "The Enterprise" printed a picture of our class taken during the play.

From Linda L., Frazeysburg Elementary K-4:  This year the students at Frazeysburg El. will be working during the months of April and May to clean-up our school grounds and the small village of Frazeysburg. We are doing this as a cooperative effort.

From Tiffany M. and family:   We cleaned the sides of the road from where we live for two miles. We also planted trees on our 28 acres.

From Meredith B., Jakarta Int. School, Jakarta INDONESIA:  Our school in Indonesia is having a big assembly. Every year the 5th grade has a band and they use recycled things like big AQUA bottles and cans with beans or rice in them. They all make their own instruments out of stuff in their houses. I am in 4th grade this year so next year I will get to do that. In Jakarta, Indonesia it is very polluted since it is so big. I love whales and I think WhaleTimes is really cool. I love the sea.

From Kevin M., President, Student Environmental Association, University of South Florida  This year we are planning a HUGE celebration on our Tampa Campus. Because of our spring schedule  we have to celebrate on the 15th of April instead, but like WhaleTimes says, "isn't every day EarthDay?"

From Michael J., age 9, Scientist of Maple Elementary I'm going to pick up trash and leaves also going to plant trees and make sure no animals are hurt and try to save the wildlife.

From Julie F., This year for earth day me and my family cleaned up our neighborhood playground and our school Wilson Elementary planted butterfly gardens around our neighborhood.

From Ashley, age 9:  I'm going to keep reminding others to not litter.  And pick up the trash on the ground.   At school, I'm going to keep the playgrounds clean.

From Marcus, The Armstrong Clique: We plan on getting out of Jr. High and going to Haywood High. To learn more about the environment and its resources.

From Latoya, Haywood Jr. High: I will go to the park and clean up the garbage off the ground. 

Mrs. Geiselman, Crainville First Grade:  We are decorating grocery bags for our local food store. We are planting flowers for the butterflies that we will raise. We will make a paper mache whale and learn about saving whales. We would like to get a copy of an Earth Day play to present to our classmates.

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