Fishin' for Facts: Fin Whale

Common name: Fin Whale  

Scientific name: Family Balaenopteridae:

Genus speciesBalaenoptera physalus



Fin whales can reach maximum lengths up to 79 to 88 feet (24 to 26.8 meters). Calves are 19.5 to 21 feet (6 to 6.5 m) long.


What do they eat?

Like other baleen whales, fin whales are filter feeders.   Fin whales primarily eat krill (a small shrimp-like animal), other other small invertebrates, and fish Their baleen is striped a yellowish white and bluish gray. 


Fin Whale Highlights:

Fin whales are black or brownish gray with a white "belly." Their dorsal fin can be 60 cm tall. Fin whales are found around the world, more often in temperate and polar waters.

Photos courtesy of Southwest Fisheries Science Center/
NOAA Fisheries Service

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