Fishin' for Facts: Royal Penguin

Common name: Royal Penguin

Scientific name:  Eudyptes schlegeli

Royal penguins can be 26 to 30 inches tall.  They can weigh 12 pounds.

All penguins are only found in the Southern Hemisphere. Royal   penguins are found near the Macquarie Islands, Campbell Islands and  New Zealand.

Penguins eat a variety of fish and squid.

    Royal penguins are one of the crested penguins.  The crests are yellow feathers that stick up or out on the penguin's head.  Royal penguins look very similar to "macaroni penguins." Like other penguins, royal penguins spend most of their lives at sea. They use their flippers (modified wings) in an up-and-down motion to swim.

    Royal penguins are listed as "vulnerable" by the IUCN.  Because they're found in only one small part of the world, a natural or human caused catastrophe could drastically reduce the royal penguin population.   There are an estimated 850,000 pairs of royal penguins.

    At one time royals and other penguins were hunted for their oil.   Today, all species are protected.

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