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Discover what kids already know about WhaleTimes --it's a fun place to learn about ocean animals. It's also an award-winning website designed for kids. Teachers can take advantage of the WhaleTimes website to introduce accurate marine science information and curriculum ideas and other possibilities that meets state , national science (STEM) and other standards for other disciplines.

WhaleTimes programs work great as one-time events, an enhancement to your curriculum, or a culmination to units on oceans, conservation, adaptations, climate change, ecosystems, food webs, geography, habitat, physics, predators, prey, reefs, technology, and more.

Here are a few examples of WhaleTimes excellent programs  and how you take advantage of them in your classroom:

  The Bold in the Cold

We’re excited to announce the news about The Bold in the Cold Creep into the Deep’s cool cousin! In January 2012, we’ll be joining scientists from the Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division on in Antarctica to study penguins, seals, krill, and more. Scientists will take along student’s signatures, send email updates, photos, and answer questions from Antarctica! ONE cruise is scheduled for this school year.  Enroll your school or classroom today.  SPACE IS LIMITED.

The Bold in the Cold meets national science, geography, ocean literacy, math, visual, language arts and other standards


Mark your calendars to save lives:
Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks A Voice

May 11 , 2012

A conservation effort kids can sink their teeth into!



   Hagfish Day, October 2011

October 19, 2011, WhaleTimes invites you to celebrate the beauty of ugly with a new holiday, Hagfish Day. This special day, created by WhaleTimes, is a fun, somewhat tongue-in-cheek event with an important and serious goal: To raise awareness and understanding of the uniqueness and significance of all sea creatures — even the ugly, slimy, misunderstood, or unusual.  Why hagfish? Hagfish are the perfect example of the beauty of ugly...learn more about how you can celebrate Hagfish Day in your class this fall. (Hagfish Day is celebrated every year on the 3 Wednesday of October.)

Hagfish Day activities  meet national science, ocean literacy, math, visual and language arts standards

Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice

May 11, 2012: WhaleTimes has teamed up with the Shark Research Institute scientists to raise awareness of the plight of sharks. People kill as many as 100 million sharks every year. Populations have plummeted 75% to 90% in many ecosystems. Worldwide, sharks have little or no protection. Kids can be the voice of change for this indispensable predator. Help us ‘save the sharks’ by raising awareness and appreciation of this awesome predator, gather signatures for the Shark Research Institute’s important “No Finning” efforts, and more.
(This program is FREE)

Saving sharks...a conservation effort kids can sink their teeth into!

(Fintastic Friday is celebrated on the 2nd Friday in May every year)

New Postcards from the Deep

Everybody loves postcards, especially those from exotic and exciting trips. Your students will be intrigued about life and research in the the deep after reading our Postcards from the Deep sent by deep sea researchers!

  On-line Classroom Interviews

Imagine the motivation and thrill your students will feel, meeting an ocean expert face-to-face -- via the computer...Your students will be thrilled to spend time with an ocean expert. Find out how today.

Ask Jake, the SeaDog

This unique interactive WhaleTimes component is designed to help students learn more about their favorite ocean animal. Find out more. 

Fishin’ for Facts

WhaleTimes' Fishin' for Facts pages provide a wealth of accurate marine science information written at a 4-8th grade level. We use a large font and mid-grade language level that makes it easy to read and accessible for most students.  Find out more

Neverending WhaleTale

Since 1995, students have added to a continuous tale. The story took many wonderful twists and turns. Now it's time to start again with some new prompts and fun. Individuals or classrooms can help us create our new WhaleTale today. Find out more.

WhaleTimes Mini-posters

Have fun coloring…or do more. Use the WhaleTimes mini-posters as a hook to higher level integrated thinking in your classroom.

Colossal Dictionary of Whale Words

This unique dictionary provides definitions for many of the terms students and teachers come across while studying whales. Find out More



 Programs, dates, and fees subject to change. We reserve the right to refuse.

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