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Pinnipeds: (Seal, Sea Lions, walruses)


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Baikal seal 
bearded seal
elephant seal
harbor seal
harp seal 
 hooded seal
 leopard seal
 ribbon seal
ringed seal

Photo Courtesy NOAA

Fur seals

California sea lion






Adélie Penguin
fairy penguin
Galapagos penguin
emperor penguin

erect-crested penguin
little blue penguin
royal penguin
fairy penguin
rockhopper penguin
Snares Island



Help! Save Sharks!

blue shark  
dolphins vs sharks
goblin shark
great white shark   
hammerhead sharks 
mako shark
river sharks
shark reproduction
tiger shark
whale shark
white shark

Celebrate Fintastic Friday:
Giving Sharks a Voice!

Are sharks bullies?
What if a dolphin and a shark got into a fight?


Basic Whale Information
How can marine mammals hold their breath for so long? Find out.

Toothed Whales

Amazon river dolphin    harbor porpoise
beaked whales hourglass dolphin
beluga whale killer whale
bottlenose dolphin narwhal
bottlenose whale pilot whales
dolphins (list of) sperm whale
dolphins vs sharks  vaquita
echolocation white whale
Baleen Whales
blue whale      minke whale
bowhead whale pygmy right whale
fin whale  right whale
gray whale    Sei whale
humpback whale  
Toad Lumpsucker

Barreleye fish (aka Spookfish)

Atlantic Sturgeon

Other Ocean Stuff

How can marine mammals hold their breath for so long?
What if a dolphin and a shark got into a fight?
Are sharks bullies?
El Nino
What's a Scientific name
(Dumbo Octopus)


Giant squid

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Need a whale word? Visit our Colossal Dictionary of Whale Words!

Where do we get our information? Go to the pygmy right whale page and look at a small sample of the type of resources we use.

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