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Join us to celebrate the beauty of ugly on the
5th annual Hagfish Day, October 16, 2013

SEABLAST: October 16, 2013: Get ready for a good slime and celebrate the 'beauty of ugly' on Hagfish Day again!!!
SEABLAST: Hey kids...Are you celebrating shark conservation week? So are we! Join Ruth A. Musgrave, author and WhaleTimes Director at the Oregon Coast Aquarium Saturday August 10 for her Sharks: Facts or Fiction presentation. Plus, she'll be signing her fintastic and popular book, Everything Sharks (National Geographic Children's Books) Find out more at: the Oregon Coast Aquarium (
SEABLAST: May 9, 2014: Mark your calendars: FINTASTIC FRIDAY: Giving Sharks a Voice. This important holiday for kids and sharks celebrates the importance of sharks. Find out more.
SEABLAST: Whales in Bozeman! In April, students from Bozeman, Montana will participate in Gray Whales: Celebration of Conservation. This is the second year Southwest Fisheries Science Center/NOAA and WhaleTimes have made this exciting program available to classes. Happy whale watching and counting everyone!
SEABLAST: Congratulations to Dr. Tamara Frank, deep sea researcher, marine biologist at Nova Southeastern University, and WhaleTimes' Board Member. Dr. Frank's latest research, published in the Journal of Experimental Biology,  has been picked up by media outlets all over the world, from Science Magazine, Science Daily, Fox News, Smithsonian, BBC and more! Deep-sea research is so important, it's great to know more people are discovering it through this exciting research. Way to go Dr. Frank!  

Celebrate the Beauty of Ugly

It's a good slime!

October 16, 201

May 9 , 2014

Fintastic Friday:
Giving Sharks A Voice

A conservation effort kids can sink their teeth into!

Fishin' for Facts

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What kind of penguins star in Mr. Popper's Penguins?...I heard during shark week that....
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 Want to know EVERYTHING about sharks,
so you can help save them?

National Geographic Kids: Everything Sharks

by Ruth A. Musgrave
ISBN 9781426307690    Available NOW

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