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Hey Kids,

Do you want to learn more about ocean animals? We hope you discover that science is more than facts and figures. Here are a few places to visit on the WhaleTimes website to discover more.
                                                    Good luck with your research, 
                                            Jake, the SeaDog


Fintastic Friday is May 11, 2012

We can't save sharks...alone. We need you! Raise your voices, have a party, sign petitions, have fun and make a difference!


Postcards from the Deep!

You have got to read these! Discover what it's really like on a research finding a chimera (deep sea fish) as long as a man, spider crabs...giant shrimp and more.


 Meet our the newest member of WhaleTimes,

Sam the SeaPup.

Neverending WhaleTale

Kids from all over the world are helping us write several neverending whale tales! Read them, add to them...enjoy!

Fishin' for Facts

Discover more about elephant seals, killer whales, sharks, and other ocean animals? Our Fishin' for Facts library helps you with the basics of many ocean animals.

Books for kids

Whale Puzzler Do you know about whales? See if you can identify the different parts of a whale.

Ask Jake, the SeaDog

Do you have a question about an ocean animal and couldn't find it in our "Fishin' for Facts" section?  Then ask the ocean expert, Jake, the SeaDog 

Celebrate the 'beauty of ugly' on Hagfish Day: October 17, 2012



Species Sleuths Am I a whale or shark?

Hint:  Look at the fins to discover the answer

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